The Environmental Studies Minor


Issues related to the natural environment require a uniquely interdisciplinary focus to understand the way in which technological advances and human behavior affect fundamental ecological processes, what political and psychological tactics may be harnessed to address the problem, and how nature is discussed, described, and experienced. The field of environmental studies provides the opportunity to integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives in order to think about and understand environmental issues. The program at Wooster will encourage students to engage hands-on with environmental issues both inside and outside the classroom, and at both local and global levels.

Environmental Studies minors will be knowledgeable about core scientific concepts that relevant to the environment; be able to understand different ways of assessing the value of the natural environment; be comfortable with different means of examining and communicating about the environment; and be familiar with the ways in which social institutions contribute to environmental problems and potential solutions to those problems. They should also understand their own roles within the human-environment relationship.

The Environmental Studies minor will complement a major in a traditional department so that students combine a detailed understanding of the knowledge and method s within a discipline with a focus on a particular topic.

Students with an Environmental Studies minor will complete their I.S project within their major department. However, they are encouraged to include an environmental component to their I.S when possible, and the Environmental Studies faculty will endeavor to help them to do so.



The Minor in Environmental Studies consists of 6 courses:

  1. ENVS 20000-20015: Environmental Analysis & Action
  2. One cross-listed course in Natural Sciences accepted for ENVS credit
  3. One cross-listed course in Social Sciences accepted for ENVS credit
  4. One cross-listed course in Humanities accepted for ENVS credit
  5. Two electives from ENVS and or cross listed courses accepted for ENVS credit

Additional Notes:

  1. No more than one course within a student’s major discipline may be counted toward the ENVS Minor
  2. In departments with multiple versions of a particular course, only the sections specified in parentheses after the course listing will count towards the ENVS minor
  3. Only grades of C- or better are accepted for the minor

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